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Adventure: Flying like a bird


Face caressing wind, playful glare of beams and intoxicating feeling of freedom... Moto hang-glider is smoothly moving along the slope of heaven, allowing you to forget about fear and enjoy the views. Roofs of houses scattered along the Ptich like bright beads, wooden and immersed in the greenery constructions of the 18-19th centuries of Skansen Museum, multi-story houses of Minsk and much more are underneath your wings. All you need is just stand still and reverently consider beautiful scenery.




Adventure: River Cruises
7 days’ Cruise on the Cruise Liner


First Belarusian Cruise Liner “Belaya Rus” has been launched on water in Brest. The Liner will bring tourists via the river Pripyats from Brest to Mozyr and back during the 7 day’s voyage. The tourist route is called “The Pearls of Palesse” and includes visiting the cities of Brest, Kobryn, Pinsk, Turov and Mozyr as well as terrestrial cities of Motyl and Dostoevo. Floating on the Liner by the old route from the Vikings to the Greeks you’ll get acquainted with the sights of the most significant Belarusian river ports, having existed since the 10th century. You’ll enjoy excursions over the ancient cities and know more about Belarusian customs and traditions. Picturesque landscapes of Belarusian Palesse will impress you much, creating a wonderful atmosphere of a beautiful adventure. The Cruise Liner can accommodate 35 people. It has 16 cabins of economy, standard and luxe class and provides customers with “all inclusive” service (4 meals a day/excursions/transportation/ entertainment programme). Economy cabins accommodation includes one bed, TV-set, refrigerator, safe, bath rooms of the common use. Standard cabin besides has one more bed, conditioner, bathroom. There are two luxe class cabins in the Liner, that are two-roomed apartments with all conveniences. These apartments are called after the names of the famous Belarusian poets of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. Here in the cabins you can also find their books to read and to touch Belarusian culture. First voyage starts in April, 2017. The cost of all-inclusive tour varies from 400$ till 1100$ per person. The booking for cruises has started. Take a chance to have this tour, BOOK it now!




River Tours & living in the Floating Hotel


We invite you to take an incredible voyage on the river Prypiats in the floating hotel "Palesse". Picturesque banks, fresh air and shining expanse of river's water will calm your senses and harmonize your emotions. You will enjoy dinner on the open deck, and even do fishing. Per your request the fish you caught can be cooked right here by the cook. Also an incredible picnic on the bank of the Prypiats can be organized for you by the hotel’s team. The hotel's route starts in the ancient city of Turov and goes down the river through several Belarusian towns and back. During your voyage you’ll get acquainted with the interesting history of Turov, one of the oldest and very important trading river ports of Europe, you’ll visit the most significant tourist places of the area and will touch to the legend of famous Turov miracle-working Crosses. The hotel can accommodate 16 tourists at the same time. The accommodation of the hotel includes 8 comfortable cabins with all conveniences and 2 cabins of luxe class. You can book a cabin in the hotel with the river cruise and excursions or without them and for any time you need. The cost starts from 25$ per day for a person. Living in the floating hotel can be the best alternative for river cruise for those who prefer create their own tours.



Adventure: Quard biking & Picnic


Would you like feel adrenaline in your veins? Just listen to how your quard bike’s motor is roaring. You are racing through the endless expanses of beautiful Belarusian nature into the wind! What can be better than the feeling of real freedom? The best is just having your best friends or family at these moments with you! One for everyone, and everyone for one! And then, at a lake side, you stop your flight to have a joyful picnic on the picturesque bank. And then, you understand: happiness exists! Come to Belarus and feel it. Extremely recommended for romantic couples ;)


Wild-Wild Belarus


Have you ever discovered unexplored and rarely gone paths before? Wild nature inspires, stirs your mind and by its beauty and perfection brings you closer to the Creator. Wild nature of Belarus is very unique. It is the vast territory of impassable swamps, that are considered being the lungs of Europe. Here and there the swamps are dangerous places, hardly possible to get out. But for tourists they built mounted trails over the swamp’s surface, that are absolutely safe. Walking on the trail you’ll enjoy wild nature’s landscapes. Here, on Belarusian swamps, you breathe the best and the purest oxygen on the Earth. You and your camera will like rare species of plants and birds, that inhabit here. For those, who like feel adrenaline in their veins, there are routes to go in swampshoes in assistance with an instructor or to take a safari tour in swamp buggies.


Russian Banya


Bath traditions in Belarus came from Russia. Rassian banya (a kind of steam bath) is very popular here. Banya is a small room or building with dry and wet heat sessions. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. At Russian banya they use special bath brooms called in Russian "veniks". These brooms bound of bundles of twigs and leafy branches usually are made of birch or oak trees. The veniks are dipped into cold water and then are used to smack briskly over the whole body. A special person called banschik is responsible for this procedure. But usually people don't need banschik's help because groups of friends, taking banya, are able to smack each other with veniks. When you are in Belarus, at least one time, do not take a shower, do not take widespread SPA, but take Russian banya! You’ll enjoy your body and feelings after this healthy procedure. Banya on the route of your wild tour will become one of the most exciting adventure!


Camping and Wild tours


Camping is very popular in Belarus. The great privilege for tourists here is that Belarusian forests, lakes and rivers are free for camping. Fresh open air near the river bank or fir forest fragrance will fill your emotions with harmony. Beautiful landscapes will make pleasure for your eyes. You can join to the group of tourists and take kayaking, canoeing or SUP surfing tours. And then after long swim, all the group camps somewhere in a picturesque place for making barbecue and singing and talking near the fire. Romance is everywhere! It’s easy to make new friends!
Fishing is the other great opportunity here. It is available almost everywhere. Belarusian lakes and rivers are rich for fish and crayfish. Hunting here requires certain permissions and quotas, but there is nothing impossible! Horse riding or cycling can diverse your wild tour adventures, giving you sense of flight and freedom. For sure, camping in Belarus will become one of your most interesting and impressive vacations!


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